JUPITER/PLUTO - A New 13 year Cycle

On December 11th at 19.26GMT, the giant planet Jupiter, natural ruler of the sign of Pisces and Sagittarius will conjoin with the power planet, Pluto. Pluto is the designated ruler of Scorpio, as such it relates to power and to profound change and transformation.

Death is a transformation - literally changing our 'form'. Birth is also viewed as a transformation, as the soul moves from the spiritual plane into the physical vehicle. There is another type of transformation that one can experience though. This one occurs during life and is brought about via conscious attempts at becoming aware of the unconscious. In this action one comes to understand their true personal power.

Let me explain further. Pisces is known as the Universal Solvent. Why? Because in the water sign of Cancer feeling and sensation are awakened, in Scorpio they are concentrated and intensified but in Pisces it is believed they are turned into pure emotion. This energy can then be transmuted into heightened feeling and intuition i.e. psychic ability - the power to pierce the veil between the known and unknown.

Jupiter is also the ruler of Sagittarius, a sign which is concerned with the broader picture, the Universe within and without. Astrologer Alan Leo suggested that Sagittarius corresponds to the passage of consciousness from one state to another. In this respect we can see that Jupiter and Pluto coming together in Sag can speak of a moment pregnant with possibility for a huge spiritual transition, or a leap in consciousness.

Whilst inevitably some Pisceans and Sagittarians and Scorpio's will be either arriving, giving birth or leaving the physical plane this month, the push towards a shift in consciousness will affect us all. What we can be sure of when these two planets meet, is that the changes are of a large magnitude and of great consequence.The fact that this conjunction is also aligning with the Galactic Centre is of tremendous significance. It speaks of the opening of a portal - one that allows a new wave of energy to pulse out to us all. I suspect most of you reading this are already feeling that time seems to be speeding up. This is our vibrational field responding to these new forces.

Additionally shortly after this conjunction, Jupiter and Pluto will be moving into a new sign - that of Capricorn. This speaks of a juncture for assimilating what the cycle has taught us, moving on with that knowledge and either totally leaving a phase of our personal history behind, or actively structuring that information for use in our material/physical lives. For example many of us have learned over the last 13 years about the ephemeral value of fame (via the overexposure of celebrities) the ephemeral value of Property (via the housing markets soaring then turning) the ephemeral nature of beauty (via everyone looking the same with plastic surgery and Botox ) the ephemeral value of our natural resources (via global warming) etc. We've also learned to become more circumspect about people in authority and we no longer give them the deference we used to.

All this is causing a shift in focus away from dancing to the tune of 'superiors'. It's slowing down the endless rat-race quest to attain all the trappings of status and moving us towards a realisation of our individual power. We are looking at what brings true fulfillment and what will be of lasting value, in the eyes of others, about us as an individual when we come to leave this life.

As mentioned many times on my site(s), our lives are governed by interweaving cycles and inherent perfection. Understanding that all events have a natural order can help people to feel more empowered when faced with times of stress or upheaval. If you imagine life as a series of circles connected like spirals on a gyroscope you will realise that, rather than time being linear, we are on an infinite series of cyclical journeys into and away from source.

Trace your finger around any spiral and you will notice that each time you appear to have arrived back at the same place you have actually moved on. Therefore cultivate an attitude of observance and awareness - become the watcher of the watcher. Study what has gone before in your life, or for your loved ones and this will help you to anticipate the future.

What you may find helpful is to look back to the beginning of this Jupiter/Pluto cycle. The chances are that whatever began at that time is now either leaving your life or transitioning. This cycle began on December 2nd 1994. If this doesn't trigger any particular memories, we can also look to the years that the two planets formed other important aspects in their perpetually unfolding cycle. The dates are: 2000-2001, August 2004, December 2005. May and July 2006.These dates may jolt your memory but remember you are looking for something that began, or had its roots planted, in late 1994 early 1995.

If we look back even further the previous Jupiter/Pluto cycles began in 1981 then 1968, then 1955 and 1943, 1931 and 1918. I can immediately see connections with major World events when looking at those dates, can you?

Leopards don't change their spots but the human condition is that most people do try to change. However, the journey of evolvement is not necessarily limited to one lifetime and for all but the most enlightened ( who eventually remain in spirit) our vibrational energy keeps pulling towards us exactly the situations and people who seem to be preventing us from changing and who test us the most. Have you ever noticed that the same situations and people seem to keep appearing in your life - albeit in different guises? Each Jupiter/Pluto cycle repeats a theme of power, whatever that phrase means to you. To one person power may mean how many people they manage in their job, or how much money they earn. To others it speaks of how empowered they feel in the face of these tests, more colloquially known as life's trials and tribulations.

Jupiter/Pluto cycles also bring issues to the fore that bring you face to face with your moral code and faith. Not necessarily faith in the religious sense but faith and trust in life as a positive process. Each time we reach the link to the next level of one cycle - which astrologically is at the conjunction point (11th Dec 2007) we have the opportunity to digest what we have gone through from a slightly higher perspective and grow from the experience.

Some astrologers view each cycle as a complete lesson. When we truly 'get' the lesson we can move up into the next class and our vibrational frequency is upped a little more as we move towards en-light-enment. If you don't truly integrate the message, each transition will be fraught with stress and you may have to go over it all again.That's where your free will comes in. What do you choose? To accept, learn and grow or to fight, resist and repeat?

Look again at those Jupiter/Pluto dates and, if you are old enough, ask yourself what situation around personal power and values is repeating itself now? Have you learned the lessons from previous cycles? Knowing what went before, would you consciously choose the same reactions and path again?

On the mundane level I notice many of these dates coincide with times of War. This time around as Jupiter and Pluto move into Capricorn, we may have more sway over the decisions taken by those in corridors of power, because as each of us as an individual become more honest with ourselves, we collectively demand it from others.

This Dec 11th Jupiter/Pluto cycle can act quiet literally to bring Pisces, Saggies and Scorpio's (or countries ruled by these signs) together, to move forward the dynamic between them. For example if a Scorpio and Sagittarian married in late 1994 one would be looking for a significant change in that partnership right now, whether that be through death, a birth or just a new understanding and more truth. If you have been working for a company since around Dec 1994 or the business was formed around this time, it is highly likely that your association with that company is undergoing a profound transition. These things don't just happen arbitrarily. It's for you to find the lesson and growth potential in whatever change you have got yourself caught up in or unconsciously instigated - remember others are only reflecting where you are at.

Seize the day and aim to make 2008 your best year yet, because what you implement now at this Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will set the scene for the next 13 years of your life. Try and use the Piscean/Jupiter energies to truly label what you believe in as a Spiritual being and bring that into form, perhaps through becoming consciously aware on a daily basis of your hitherto unconscious motivations, energies and reactions.

As our planet passes by the Black Hole at the centre of our Galaxy try to reconnect to your personal power source. Do so in complete faith that, in this Universe of perfect order, whatever life is pulling you towards is probably where you most need to be.


Whether you have any knowledge of astrology and chart interpretation or not, there are a series of techniques which I believe are being under utilised and it may be of interest to you to hear what these are and what they reveal.

Every astrologer develops their own unique method of reading a chart but it has always been a belief that without an accurate birthtime, the astrologer is unable to interpret what is truly unique about you as an individual. For reasons that I won't go into here (as it would involve a complicated astronomy and astrology lesson) this may well be partially true. Precise timing is certainly needed for techniques such as AstroCartoGraphy, Progressed Moon etc. Having said that, when it comes to personality assessment the entire art is so symbolic that over the years I have come to wonder just how much we do need to rely on a precise birth time. Look at it this way, a birthchart without a time is like having an onion with one less layer. It still looks like, feels like, tastes and smells like exactly what it is!

I am not biased towards any particular methods. I simply use the ones that work for me. Quite obviously I believe Sun Signs charts have their place and I will discuss this technique in another newsletter. The first technique I wish to discuss today however is Declinations. These have been around for eons and are used by many astrologers but they are possibly not given quite the attention they deserve.

In astronomy the position of a planet is determined by two measurements; Right Ascension - the distance eastward along the Celestial Equator measured in hours and minutes from 0 Aries and Declination - the measurement North or South of the Celestial Equator in degrees( North having a plus value, South being minus) So, declination is the height of the planet above or below the projected equator of the Earth.

Astrologers use two different measurements to place planets in the sky and therefore in the chartwheel, These are Celestial Longitude; this measures the planet eastwards from O Aries, but the frame of measure is along the Ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun) in degrees of longitude and the other is Celestial Latitude. This is the measurement of height i.e. north or south but the again it is taken from the plane of the Ecliptic. The Sun will never have any celestial latitude as it is always on the Ecliptic, as it is the Ecliptic! It can however have height in declination up to 23.5 (23 degree 26 minutes and 27 seconds to be exact) When the Sun has a declination of zero it must be an Equinox and when it is at its highest it must be the solstices.

All planets have RA and Declination and all planets wander. Stars remain more or less fixed, only moving very slowly indeed, hence the term Fixed Stars

In a birth chart two planets may be in opposition in Celestial Longitude - that is in opposite signs of the chart - but have no relationship in height. With declinations we are looking for planets that are at exactly (+/- 1 degree) the same height, whatever sign they occupy. These are known as the Parallels of Declination. Parallels bring planets into a pattern of harmonic resonance, as they are perfectly aligned in space. Two + or - parallels are said to be interpreted like a conjunction. A plus and a minus at the same declination degree are looked at as an opposition i.e having some tension.

I believe astrology is fundamentally rooted in harmonic resonances and although using traditional aspects such as the Opposition, Square, Sextile etc., gives us much information, declinations can help us to see what hidden linkages there are. Often it is the declinations that tell a story which just cannot be gleaned from the ordinary birthchart.

A group of people who have made a whole study of this area of Astrology are called the Magi Society and their website is here MAGI SOCIETY. I haven't visited this site for a number of years so I am not sure whose charts they study in depth but I incorporate declinations into my delineations and I would like to show you how they work with Oprah Winfrey.

On the day of Oprah's birth (29 Jan 1954, Kosciusko,MS) at sunrise the declinations can be seen in the following image underlined in Red and Blue.

Click to enlarge:

The three red lines bring Jupiter/Uranus and Pluto into accord by declination, yet in Oprah's natal chart these three planets are in no aspect at all. This exact alignment of these three planets tells us that this is the chart of someone who has an unusual striving for knowledge and understanding; the ability to almost miraculously transform situations - especially in a group setting. This also shows someone who is potentially ahead of their time; very technically minded with terrific powers of spiritual and intellectual leadership. It's quick, electric and clever with tremendous power to confront taboos and bring hidden things to light. It's a grouping we might expect to see in the chart of someone who wins the lottery - or achieves something so pioneering or unusual (for good or bad) that it brings them huge public acclaim. In this case we know it describes Oprah's incredible popularity and wealth.

The limitation of astrological interpretation is that when first given a chart, we do not know if it is the chart of a person an object, an animal or whatever. To be brutally honest, we can't even accurately apply an assessment of how the person will manifest these tremendous energies and alignments, as that is where free will comes in. What we can do - and very successfully - is help the person whose chart it is to become aware of the planetary linkages at the time of their birth. We can point out the potential and pitfalls inherent in these aspects, then they can use their free will to harness these energies for constructive and positive ends.

Returning to the chart, the declinations underlined in blue are Sun, Mercury and Mars. This speaks of a quick mind, a fast talker and mover; a critical thinker and organiser; a spokesperson and a facilitator. It is associated with a person who shines (Sun) in a communication (Mercury) role and can really drive (Mars) a point home. If we combine this interpretation with what we already know about the Jupiter/Uranus parallel of declination, it becomes more obvious that Oprah would seek to harness all modern forms of technology such as Television, Radio, Internet, Mobile Phone technology, Publishing etc in order to spread her message.

Obviously not everyone consults astrologers, so what is the unknown force that ensured Oprah made good use of her energies rather than descending into a spiral of negativity after her early experiences with sexual abuse? It has to lie in that area we term soul evolvement. Oprah is obviously attuned to a higher vibrational level and we could posit that this shows up in her chart via her Moon. The Moon rules the unconscious and it was in a very high declination throughout the whole of her birth day.

In the grid we can see the Moon is at 25 Degrees of declination. This is what is known as Out of Bounds (OOB) as the height of the band of the Zodiac (which is determined by the maximum tilt of the Earth in relation to the Sun's path) only extends to 23.5 degrees. When the Moon (or a planet*) goes higher than this, symbolically it has broken loose and for good or bad it has gone, what we might colloquially term, stratospheric! In this case Oprah's Moon being OOB represents her phenomenal appeal and her moniker as one of the worlds most powerful and popular woman. Quite simply she is 'up there' at heights that not many ever reach. It would be fascinating to research the life stories of everyone else born on or around this day as the Moon will be OOB for all of them**

In some cases the Moon OOB can denote someone who is emotionally erratic and doesn't quite fit the model of the archetypal female. It would require a personal consultation with Oprah to really understand how this 'loose canon' Moon operates for her at the emotional level. Oprah's fluctuating weight problems may well be ascribed to her OOB moon in Sagittarius, the sign of expansion.

So as you can see just from declinations we already have an overview of a personality type. There are other techniques we can use which I will detail in subsequent newsletters. For now let's look around the chart for other clues that may be overlooked by the normal methods. How about the Fixed Stars?? Here's the list:-

The Sun is parallel to the fixed star Mirzam which is known as The Announcer. Oprah began her meteoric rise to fame as a part time announcer for Radio Station WVOL in Nashville.
Mercury is parallel to Sirius, the brightest star in the nighttime sky. Mercury with Sirius gives: Great Business Success, help through influential people and physical defect through accident. The last is perhaps something personal to Oprah(?)
Mars conjunct Agena = Legal authority, honour as a speaker or writer, great mental and physical powers.
Jupiter conjunct Rigel = Great legal or ecclesiastical preferment, many journeys.
Uranus conjunct Castor= Conscientious, impressionable , sensitive, great psychic power, few, if any, children.

If we look at the linear scale at the top of the chart image (red arrows) you can see that any time planets pass over the 9 degrees or 23/24 degrees of any sign that planet will come into an harmonic resonance with the ones noted on the scale. On November 5th 2007 when Oprah had to make a public announcement about the sex abuse scandal which occurred at the school in Johannesburg, Mercury was at 23 degrees triggering her Chiron and Mars. Oprah herself said that this had to be one of the most difficult most painful days of her life. Mars, Mercury and Chiron speak of hearing or delivering news that cuts open painful wounds. Some of the deepest wounds (Chiron) in Oprah's life obviously lie around the areas of children (Mercury) and sexual Abuse (Mars Scorpio).

Using these methods it is my opinion that Oprah's birthtime is around the 19.50 mark and not the 04.30 one widely quoted. This gives her Virgo rising. Saturn is approaching her Ascendant and at the time of hearing about the scandal, Chiron was directly over her Sun/Venus in the 5th house of children. If we then look at Oprah's natal map for 19.50 we see that her natal Chiron Local space line extends right through Johannesburg.

However evolved we may appear to be, there is never a destination to our journey. At some level Oprah obviously needed this experience to bring light to areas that she thought were totally resolved within her. This scandal was not only about her but also about all the children at that school, and all the people who heard about this, who have suffered abuse themselves. When we look at it this way, Oprah's continuing path is to bring a spiritual understanding to the World about rising above the negative and embracing the positive lessons within suffering.

* * * * * *

* For example Mars was OOB at 9/11. In this case the war-like nature of Mars was acting in an uncontainable manner. In the Christmas 2007 season, Mars is once again OOB in high declinations, so one must expect the potential for terrorism or erratic acts of anger to be higher at this time than 2006.

** The Moon can be OOB fairly frequently but not necessarily with the other declinations like these in late Jan 1954


Since the worldwide success of the film The Secret, many people are familiar with the term 'Law of Attraction'. If this has passed you by here's a short and sweet synopsis; the phrase is understood to mean that each of our thoughts correspond to a vibrational frequency. Simply by altering our thoughts it is possible to alter the energy that we are pulsating out into the ethers and thus to 'attract' events, and people who are entrained or 'tuned' to that vibrational frequency.

Obviously the Law of Attraction can work both ways; one can become very negative and lo and behold our world suddenly becomes full of irritating, angry, negative people. If we are feeling happy and positive however, we find we can attract more of the same. For this reason the law is also known as The Law of Sympathy. We attract events in sympathy with our mindset.

Even if you don't yet consciously practice using this law, many of you will have seen it at work in your lives. For example, when we think of someone and they suddenly call on the phone or we bump into them unexpectedly. Or when the perfect gift or person shows up and we remark 'That's exactly what I had in mind'- that's the magic of vibrational entrainment at work.

We also see the law at work when we are late for an appointment. Our natural inclination is to keep repeating in our head, 'I'm late, I'm going to be late' and invariably we meet every red light and possible obstruction to progress and we are indeed late. If we invoke the law however and immediately replace those negative thoughts with positive ones like;' I'm late leaving but circumstances will arise to get me there on time', you'll be amazed how time will appear to stand still and allow you to get where you are going with the minimum of delay.

So, part of 'the secret' to living the life one desires is to harness the energies that one is transmitting. By consciously directing our thoughts towards the particular outcome we wish to achieve, we can literally pull that event, person or object into our life. The more energy we put into the process by using all of our senses (I use VisionBoards for this) the more quickly the results manifest in your life. Manifesting using the Law of Vibration works and I urge you to try it.

In that previous paragraph I alluded to the fact that there is more to the secret and there is. What many of the teachers of this Law are failing to impart- and many don't even understand- is that The Law of Attraction does not apply solely to your thought processes.

It must be understood that everything in the Universe is energy. Light, sound, heat, magnetism, color, and electrical energies are all different forms of one source of energy and they differ in manifestation only in the rate of vibration. All matter is simply energy condensed into form. This includes the clothes you put on your body, the food you put in your body and indeed anything you have contact with. As energy expresses itself to our sense of sight as a colour the metaphysically aware can tell something about the nature of an energy simply by noting its colour. This can extend to an intuitive and learned practitioner being able to assess the psyche of their clients simply by noting the colour combination of clothing they have chosen to wear.

So, if you really want to use the Universal Laws for maximum effect, then you must have an understanding of colour and where each shade falls on the vibrational scale that we call the Electro Magnetic Spectrum (see top of page). You must also strive to understand what you are 'giving out' in terms of colour and frequency and therefore what you are likely to attract back. We do this by an understanding of correspondence, or the sympathies, in the Universe.


“The predominant thought or mental attitude is the magnet, and the law is that like attracts like, consequently, the mental attitude will invariably attract such conditions as correspond to its nature” Charles Haanel.

To know the 'sympathies' of an object or situation or even a condition such as restoration of health I need to explain a little more about the colour spectrum so you can see how correspondences arise.

One of the easiest ways that I know to explain is if I take you back to your school days. Do you remember doing that test with a bit of Litmus Paper? You dipped the paper into various solutions then had to record what colour the solution caused the paper to turn. When dipped into an acid solution it turned towards the red or yellows, dipped into an alkaline solution it turned more blue. When the solution was neutral (perfectly balanced) it was green. This relates to the colour spectrum too. Red/Orange/Yellow are therefore acidic colours and Blue/Purple/Magentas at the opposite end are alkaline.

Click to enlarge

Opposite ends of any scale are known as polarities and these extremes exist in everything in life.The Chinese refer to these dualities as Yin and Yang. Some of the most common polarities inherent in the Universe are:


Each of these concepts has correspondence with one end of the colour spectrum which is composed of 7 primary colours:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Indigo and Violet.

Green is the neutral or balancing colour as it is in the middle.

The polarities and colours also have correspondence to each of the 7 traditional planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and to the 7 musical notes in a standard scale. It is also intriguing to note that pure distilled water has a neutral PH value of 7. Here's what Hippocrates, Father of Medicine had to say about the number seven:

"The number seven, because of its occult virtues, tends to bring all things into being. It is the dispenser of life and the source of all change. For the moon itself changes its phases every seven days. This number influences all sublunar things."

Perhaps then water with a PH 7 really is the elixir of life and for sure many people believe disease would not be so prevalent if we drank more pure water. However I digress, here is how the 7 planets, colours and musical notes relate to each other:

G=Blue= Venus

The main way that we use colour therapy with the Law of Attraction/Sympathy is by looking at the scale of tones on the linear spectrum (or within the round colour wheel) and understanding their sympathies and antipathies (correspondences and polarities) and to do that we need to expand on what is above. You don't really even need to be an expert in metaphysics or astrology to judge many of the correspondences. Their qualities can be seen all around us in nature. Let's take the first colour on the spectrum list above and add to it.

Red is the colour of fire. It is hot and expansive, it's corrosive as it eats or devours things and moves very fast. We can therefore say:

C=Red=Mars=Hot=Expansive=Acidic=Positive= Yang=Magnetic

We also know that Mars is the God of War. So, we know Mars is a masculine planet and is concerned with aggression, assertion and action. People usually fight with their physical body or weapons and we have learned from ancient literature about alchemy that Mars has a correspondence to Iron. Weapons forged in heat extends to guns and swords and implements that are wielded by, and attack, the physical body such as scalpels, needles etc. Oxygenated corpuscles in the blood are red in colour and so we add blood and red cells to the list. Red is a hot colour and aggression is an inflammatory act, we therefore equate the colour red and the planet Mars to fever, heat, inflammation. The French word for Tuesday also comes from the root; Mardi (Mars) and in numerology the number 9 equates to Mars. So, as you can see our list is building:

C=Red=Mars=Hot=Expansive=Acidic=Positive=Yang=Iron=Aggression=Cuts= Blood(red blood) cells= Tuesday= Number 9= names such as Martin (from the root Mars) =hot spices such as Ginger= red gems such as Rubies and so on and so forth

The trick to correctly determining what correspondences each colour and planet hold lies in a thorough study of mythology and symbolism as handed down over the centuries. Nowadays one can bypass having to absorb the lessons taught to initiates in the Mystery Schools by purchasing many of the books available on correspondence such as The Planets and Human Behaviour by Jeff Mayo, Astrological Thesaurus & Keywords by Michael Munkasey and Keywords by Manly P. Hall. These books allow you to quickly ascertain the correspondences of virtually anything in the Universe as does a thorough understanding of astrology!

Unfortunately though, it should be pointed out at this juncture that some of the esoteric wisdom has been distorted, or occulted (hidden) over the ages and with the best will in the world some contradictions arise. There are modern day practitioners of Colour Therapy and even some astrology books which tell us that red is an alkaline colour and electric in nature which is obviously not so. However to the serious student it is understood that within all colours is also their polar opposite, so it can be seen where the confusion arises. When choosing books or websites it is therefore advisable to look for those written by people with a firm grounding in the esoteric sciences, such as alchemy, numerology and astrology. I list some sites at the bottom of the page. I would also advise a reading of Message of The Stars by Max Heindel which can be accessed from my newsletter.

One final way to gain clues is to note the way colour has infiltrated our language: 'He was Red with rage'. 'She had a severe case of the Blues' (note this would be blue with black i.e dark blue) ' He was so ill he had gone Puce' ' She was Green with envy' (Green with black i.e dark green) etc., etc.


So, we can use the colour spectrum in conjunction with the Law of Attraction to assess what colours to wear to attract people and situations of a vibration that corresponds to the desire we are seeking to have fulfilled. We can also attempt to raise our vibration to match that of the higher frequencies in the blue and purple side of the scale.

For example if you were planning a dinner party where you want to have fun, light banter with spiritually minded people and an harmonious atmosphere you should definitely avoid attracting too much of its antithesis - the Mars vibration. So, easy on the rock music, no red walls, napkins or candles, white wine instead of red, desert wines instead of port, and definitely no red hot chilli peppers or ginger in the food. I'd also avoid a table populated by Aries males and holding your party on a Tuesday the 9th!

By showing you the negative uses one can see the positive. If you are single woman and have set your heart on attracting a red blooded, virile male perhaps wearing red on a Tuesday the 9th and heading out to a gym called Pumping Iron where there is loud rock music thumping out would do the trick!

In all seriousness though, understanding colour vibration can also help us to get ahead in our everyday life. It is particularly important in the decoration of a home and in the colours you choose for your Website or book cover. It's also crucial when 'selling' yourself at an interview or maybe even when you want to win a contract.

One needs to understand what type of people would be drawn to colours at this each end of the spectrum i.e Red= more volatile, passionate, magnetic fiery people with an animal like nature. Blue = Calmer, cooler more cerebral people who vibrate to a higher frequency. Yellow = Communicators, advertising, books etc

Musical note E=Yellow=planet Mercury (The Winged Messenger and Hermes)=Communication=Books=Commerce =Merchants =Number 5 = sign Gemini = Air =Mental ability=Left hand= lungs=Grapefruit= Lemons = weakly Acid=Positive = Masculine= Wednesday

The Psychology of Yellow
Yellow is the brightest colour of the spectrum. It is the colour of the scientist; it unravels and reveals, leaving no stone unturned. The yellow personality is no good at pacing itself. It loves new ideas, but needs to get its priorities right. Yellow has no hesitation - it decides quickly and acts immediately. Its favourite pastime is networking, being the greatest communicator. Journalists and entertainers are found under yellow. When something is revealed to a yellow person, they immediately store it away for future reference. Yellows are brilliant at making a quick fortune, but not so good at hanging on to it. Yellow despises pettiness. It always broadcasts a feeling of well-being. Yellow people are sunny and willing unless thwarted, when they can become acid and sharp-tongued.

Knowing your correspondences can also be useful information when we are choosing colour as an attractor and a repellent. If we want to invite a warm and friendly response from people then we might add some toned down reds in the form of pinks to our clothing. Everyone talks to the person wearing pink. If you want to be seen as stable then earthy browns can work. Someone who is control freak is more likely to choose black and white, the absorber and reflector 'colours' at the extremes of the spectrum.

When I choose the background colour for my VisionBoard, I feel red would be too strong, brown too dull and pink too cutsy, so I use orange as it has enough red and warmth in it to be a magnetic attractor colour, but not too much to be overwhelming. Orange is known as the colour of prosperity and the company who makes my VisionBoard is known as Orange Peel. I must find out if they chose the name intuitively.

Prosperity Coach Catherine Ponder recommends the following for Vision Boards:

Green or Gold - job or career success and money
Yellow or White - increased spiritual understanding
Blue - intellectual accomplishments
Orange - for a more vital life
Pink, Rose or Warm Red - love, harmony happiness in relationships and marriage

Overall though choosing colour requires a trained specialist in Colour Therapy. There are lots of colour combinations so you need someone with a thorough knowledge of the tones, shades and tints and an understanding of esoteric literature. I have provided some interesting links towards the bottom of the page.

The seven planets and the seven primary colour rays Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue, Indigo, Violet must vibrate harmoniously and rhythmically throughout the entire being in order to keep one in optimum health, spiritually and physically.

If we think of each cell as having a vibration that allows it to integrate in an harmonious way with the entire 'symphony' of the body, then a cell which is diseased is sounding a discordant note. It is therefore believed that if one seeks to alter the vibrational frequency of the discordant cells this will bring the diseased cells back into resonance and restore harmony. As already mentioned, we can do this by ingesting foods of a certain colour, wearing clothes of a certain colour and even listening to music of a particular 'colour wavelength'.

Green is the natural balancer of the spectrum and many of us feel palpable and instant relief from stress when surrounded by green fields and trees. Herbalists make use of the green herbs and coloured flowers in nature and administer them according to their correspondence and sympathy to certain conditions and parts of the body, as noted by the ancients. This is a highly specialised art and under no circumstances should anyone attempt to self administer powerful herbal concoctions. As an alternative or adjunct to western medicine, and under the guidance of an qualified dispenser, herbs can be extremely powerful and restorative.

Medical Astrologers such as Dylan Warren-Davis understand nature's correspondences and choose specific herbs, administered at specific times in order to help the body to heal itself. You can read an article by Dylan about healing here

Colour used judiciously can assist medical potions to work their magic especially in treating common childhood problems. For example, if we wish to bring calm to hyperactive children we should be mindful of the colour on their walls, in their clothing and on their bedspreads. Soft green and violet will help. Soft pale clear pink should be used for bedwetters. Strong pink or cerise will draw friendships while Sun Golds will help release mental stress. Orange and Indigo are good if there has been a divorce* . You can encourage children to obtain the vibrations in any way, shape or form, one example would be to eat more carrots and oranges.

If you, or your child, have to wear a uniform and the colour is not conducive to the vibration you are seeking you can apply colour to the body in the form of underwear or hidden jewelry. You can also solarize water for packed lunches by wrapping the appropriate colour cellophane around it and allowing it to stand in the Sun - everything helps.

Here is what astrologer Raphael has to say about colour healing in 1910 in his book Raphael's Medical Astrology:

Recent investigations in the domain of colours by foreign scientists have brought to light the fact that the chemical rays of the Sun when analysed through various coloured glasses are of powerful use in the healing of skin and other diseases.
However remarkable this may be to ordinary minds, it is to astrologers only the working of natural law.
The rays if the Sun when analysed through the spectrum exhibit seven colours and these colours correspond to the seven planets
Red is the colour of Mars, Blue of Venus, Yellow of Mercury, Green of Saturn, Purple of Jupiter Orange of the Sun and Violet of the Moon
Now Red is of use in all inflammatory diseases, smallpox, lupus and all inflammatory skin disease and the patient should be placed in a room where everything is coloured red and all rays of light passing into he room should be red.
Blue is an especially soothing influence. Brain workers (intellectuals) will find their work easier when working in a room with blue hangings or working at night with a blue light. It is a splendid remedy for insanity and even the most violent manics will succumb to the soothing influence if the padded room were radiated with blue. It is also a good colour for weak eyes.
Green is efficacious for inflamed eyes, while orange will sharpen the appetite, yellow will act as a remedy for bowel troubles.
Test of this have been made by an Italian Doctor. The effect upon a maniacs and upon a sufferer from melancholy when put in a blue room lighted by blue glass were such that the former so far succumbed in a fortnight to the influence to be free to go whither he might choose. The hypochondriac was put into a room lighted with red glass and on the second day be began to eat his meals with gusto.
There is nothing remarkable in this. It has been shown that herbs under Mars will cure disorders of that planets and it is only the same thing that the colour ruled by Mars should cure diseases ruled by that planet
The same process of sympathy and antipathy can be utilised in this and the science of astrology is alone the key to it all
Even water kept in bottles and subjected to the rays of the sun will gain chemical properties and can be used medicinally. Red being a stimulating colour would probably act as a tonic. Blue as a nerve pallative. Yellow as an opening medicine. Purple for blood and liver disorders.
Students are recommended to put these simple cures to practical use.
*In cases like this you really need the help of a professional. If you would like a consultation by phone or in person with an expert Colour Therapist to determine colours to use with children or in business, love or any aspect of your life, please call Lillian on 0208 349 3299 or visit her site

If you would like to see a Medical Herbalist/Astrologer please visit Jane Ridder-Patrick

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Anyone reading who is seriously interested in living their life according to divine timing and planetary cycles needs to know about the Void of Course Moon (VOC). Not only can knowledge of these lunar phases save you money and time, they can also help you to see that, as was stated in the Bible;

'There is a time for everything under the heavens'.

The Moon is a barren place, basically it is a satellite rock of the Earth, the Yin to our pulsating, energetic, living Yang. The Moon has no light of its own but receives the reflected light of the Sun. Therefore the Moon is said to be reflective or passive. On a day to day basis, the Moon has been noted by astrologers to impart its nature according to the planet whose sign it occupies. This is further modified by the planet it is, or next, makes angular contact with. Thus, if the Moon is in the imperious, regal, theatrical sign of Leo and making its next aspect to Mars, empirical observations show us that one can expect that period to be dramatically emotional.

This is an assertion arrived at by the observation of planetary correspondences and practical experience. The Moon, because of its pull on the tides and all other bodies of water, has correspondence to our emotional moods. When placed in the exuberant, dramatic sign of Leo and aspecting Mars, the planet of a passion and energy, we can expect events of a specific nature. What are these? There are multifarious manifestations but let’s just say that as sure as 2+2=4, the Moon in Leo plus Mars will equal emotional situations one cannot ignore.

It is what happens when the Moon is in a sign but makes no further aspect to any other planet before changing signs, that skywatchers have noted coincides with a period of instability. It is as if the Moon, with nothing to resonate with, loses its identity and becomes a lonely wanderer. In ancient times as the Moon travelled through a sign, aspecting various other heavenly bodies, they spoke of the Moon in her ‘course’ - which is where the term intercourse is derived from, meaning an interlude of lovemaking (or reproduction) within the lunar cycle. It is also associated with the menstrual period being known as the Curse from the root; Cours. When the Moon makes no further aspect before switching signs she is known as VOID OF HER COURSE, more commonly referred to as Void of Course or VOC.

It is this period that is of the greatest importance when living your life in natural resonance with the Cosmos and what you should know is that whenever the Moon is VOC, nothing that you set out to achieve will come to pass in quite the way you expect it to. On the majority of occasions nothing will come of it at all. This ‘rule’ applies across the whole range of human experience from the banal and mundane right through to the most important.

For instance, no astrologer would ever advise anyone to get married under a VOC Moon. Likewise starting any venture under the VOC Moon would be foolhardy. Launching a new product or business under a VOC Moon could potentially be financial suicide. Putting in an offer on a property or accepting a deal would be fraught with problems. It is obviously impossible for me to list all the possible scenarios that one could find themselves in so, I must concentrate on ensuring that the fundamental meaning is thoroughly understood. So, to reiterate, the Moon is said to be in an unstable phase when it is not aspecting any other planet before leaving its sign.

The correlation is therefore – and this has been proved to work time and time again – that the outcome will be ‘wayward’. For example, if you set out to call someone when the moon is VOC either they probably will not be in. If they are, you may arrange or agree something that WILL NOT COME TO PASS either at all, or as originally intended. Personally, I note that if I disregard the VOC rule and perhaps make an arrangement unwittingly, the person will cancel, or I have to cancel, or the arrangement is altered, someone is late or gets lost, etc. etc. If the appointment goes ahead the result is never as intended. Haircuts may need to be done again or are just not what you wanted, even with your regular stylist. Clothes purchased won’t be used or not for the purpose intended.

This week I took some clothes into the dry cleaners, I knew the Moon was VOC but I decided to see what would happen for the purposes of this article. When I went to collect the clothes at the date and time on the ticket, the shop was shut. When I returned the next day, they said they had been forced to close due to illness in the family and they had no one to cover for the counter. Nothing came of that ticket. Now here’s the important distinction, something did ‘come of it’, my clothes were drycleaned but I didn’t get them back as I thought I would when I left the shop in that VOC period.

On other occasions when I have inadvertently handed in clothes to cleaners within a VOC when I have thought I needed the item back by a certain date in order to wear the dress, or whatever, only to discover that the event has been cancelled. Sometimes I had simply changed my mind about what to wear. On other occasions I have arrived back to find that the item is not dry cleanable and they hand it back to me. I brought a pair of Jeans on a VOC they were great until the zip lost a tooth just 3 weeks later. I couldn't return them and the replacement zip was not cheap.

Against my advice a friend purchased a car under a VOC Moon. Unsurprisingly it has proved to be nothing but problematic; it wasn’t delivered on time; within a month someone had rear ended it and the repairs took weeks longer than expected. Months later this friend lost her driving licence for six months due to speeding and couldn’t drive it at all! Although it sounds very pessimistic, I know the power of a VOC Moon and I have no doubt there are a whole host of other problems lying in wait with that car.

DON’T LAUNCH A BUSINESS at this time. A company that launches a product under the VOC Moon could find that the item just doesn’t sell or it encounters problems of an unforeseen nature. I have to say though that there also exists the possibility that the product will become ‘wayward’ in another fashion, perhaps it will sell phenomenally well against all expectations. This might not seem like a problem and indeed could even be seen as a reason to launch under a VOC Moon but I urge extreme caution. The end result would possibly be that demand outstrips supply, the company ends up with a terrible reputation and long term, nothing (or no good) comes out of it.

What about a marriage that unwittingly occurred under a VOC Moon. Well I am sure there are any number of couples who could regale us with stories of woe and anxious moments associated with their wedding. However with VOC ones we would probably hear how guests were delayed, flowers went astray, cars were in the wrong places, honeymoon tickets lost and so on. I haven’t done any research into whether more people are jilted at the altar under the VOC Moon but commonsense tells me that the majority go ahead, despite hiccups and dire warnings that ‘nothing will come of it.’ The problem being that although the VOC may not produce any immediate effects, once officially married the fact that they were ‘joined together’ under this aspect sets the tone for the entire marriage.

Sadly many will fail but, with a near enough 50/50 divorce rate nowadays that may not be entirely the fault of picking an inauspicious time for the wedding. What will be certain is that the marriage will not live up to the expectations of one, or both, parties and will follow its own unique course.

Is there any good that can come from VOC Moon? Well, if ever you want information to remain buried or not really go anywhere, make sure it comes out during one of the VOC moon periods. If you want someone who has broken up with you to change their mind, see if the 'Goodbye' occurred on a VOC. If you are worrying about the outcome of something that happened whilst the Moon was void of course be sure that it will not transpire as you thought, but be reassured that negative events seem to happen in direct proportion ot the negativity of the person and their expectations of them - so remain positive. In many cases this can bring a welcome twist. Using the VOC knowledge in this way can therefore be empowering.

The best activities to undertake during the VOC moon are said to be anything that is considered passive or restorative such as spiritual non-material concerns; prayer, yoga, play, psychotherapy, rest, sleep or meditation. Personally I have always found parties, especially kids parties, to be magical during VOC moons - but if you are a control freak beware, you may find it stressful if your party entertainer is late or the kids are wilder than normal!

By now I can sense that you will be keen to know when these VOC moon periods occur. Unfortunately, because of the periodicity of the Lunar cycle the times vary from day to day, week to week, year to year you will need to buy a calendar or diary that lists them for your time zone. Here is a site for Lunar planners in the UK and they mail to the US.

Here as an example a list of the timing for the VOC Moon (all in GMT) for the month of December 2007:

All times GMT
03 Dec 2007 at 02.13 Moon enters Libra on 3 Dec at 06.02
05 Dec 2007 at 14:49 Moon enters Scorpio on 5 Dec 2007 at 18:32
07 Dec 2007 at 10:18 Moon enters Sagittarius on 8 Dec 2007 at 07:12
10 Dec 2007 at 15:37 Moon enters Capricorn on 10 Dec 2007 at 18:52
11 Dec 2007 at 23:58 Moon enters Aquarius on 13 Dec 2007 at 05:02
15 Dec 2007 at 11:52 Moon enters Pisces on 15 Dec 2007 at 13:16
17 Dec 2007 at 18:28 Moon enters Aries on 17 Dec 2007 at 18:54
19 Dec 2007 at 19:34 Moon enters Taurus on 19 Dec 2007 at 21:39
21 Dec 2007 at 06:07 Moon enters Gemini on 21 Dec 2007 at 21:15
23 Dec 2007 at 20:26 Moon enters Cancer on 23 Dec 2007 at 22:19
25 Dec 2007 at 13:18 Moon enters Leo on 25 Dec 2007 at 23:53
28 Dec 2007 at 02:55 Moon enters Virgo on 28 Dec 2007 at 04:45
30 Dec 2007 at 13:09 Moon enters Libra on 30 Dec 2007 at 13:38

So, for example we can see here that if you are out Christmas shopping don't buy gifts when the Moon is VOC as the person will either return the gift, won't like it or it may develop a fault of some kind. It may be that the shop simply won't have what you set out to buy, or at least not in the size or colour you are looking for. So on the 15th don't shop between 11.52 and 13.16, sit down and have a cup of coffee and lunch instead.

There is no VOC time on 24th December but on Xmas day in the UK (GMT timezones) if you put the Turkey on it's probably best to have it all served up by 13:18!

Once you incorporate VOC's into your life, you'll find yourself more attuned to a natural flow and rhythm that will save you time, energy and possibly some money and heartache too. It will however, give you a new found respect for the Moon and her cycles.

Thanks to Astrology Weekly for the Gone Fishing image


As many of you may know I actively engage in co-creating my life using tools such as Wish Lists (aka Cosmic Orders) and Vision Boards. I might also add that this is something I have been doing for many, many years. I have used knowledge of manifesting to bring people, objects and situations into my life on a regular basis and the more I practice it the better I seem to get at it, so I know this works!

Here, for those of you who haven't already read about any of my manifesting successes, is the latest noteworthy example........

In the summer I took a very last minute holiday. Before I left, in a totally unrelated act, I made a short video showing examples of how one might use a Vision Board. I picked out a picture of a beach and of a hotel room, to accompany the on screen affirmation in that video which stated 'All my holidays are luxurious'.

Now I must point out here that on this occasion I was not trying to manifest, I was simply showing an example Vision Board and it wasn't the personal one that I have as my screensaver. However, I was forgetting that the 'Universal Mind' makes no distinction so, when I wrote the words 'I' in those affirmations, the Universe instantly set to work to move these pictures into my reality - whether I was co-creating it or not.

At the top of the page the second picture is the one that I put on my video. Just over one week later the picture at the top is what showed up. Now because I hadn't 'requested' anything I wasn't looking for coincidences or similarities. It was only when I returned home and was browsing through my photo's that I thought 'Isn't this like that picture I put up on my video?'

When I sought the original picture out I also noticed the rock was in an almost identical position. Quite obviously, there are differences, but the similarities are too great to ignore. With regard to the beach, due to the time of day and the quality of the light it doesn't look as white, or the sea as blue - although I recall to our eyes it did. The greenery was just out of shot but look at the shape of the rock formation!

This wasn't a one off either. Below, in the second picture, you will see the picture of the hotel bedroom that I chose for the example Vision Board. Now at first glance the shot of our actual hotel bedroom, at the top, only has very vague similarities. But look more closely. The bed had the same twisted posts at one end (look carefully at the back of the picture on the left and you'll see). The valance and covers were the same colour, as was the picture on the wall - except it is not visible in this shot. The walls are the same colour. The chaise longue (under the lamp) is exactly the same as the one under the lamp in the vision board picture, albeit a different colour.

As for the view out of the window; in this shot, due to the angle of the room, it will appear to you that we were looking at another building. In actual fact we were high up and all the rooms are built on an angle. If you stood nearer the bed all you could see from the room across the terrace, was the tops of palm trees and sea in the distance - similar to the picture.

This is the reality of manifesting. With vast concepts like people, or places, or conditions you rarely get a 100% perfect match(although with items you certainly can). What you can achieve are incredible similarities. Usually, I would have been quite happy with this outcome and seen it as my request being fulfilled but remember I wasn't asking for this to show up!

These coincidences manifested just from repeatedly looking at the images as I compiled the video. In fact if I had have been consciously manifesting I would probably have written and spoken the 'request' too.

Although it leaves you feeling a little silly to speak to no-one, the conversation would have probably gone something like this 'I now manifest a hotel room with big double bed with crisp white linen and a blue valance - one of those beds with posters in turned wood. I'd like double doors out onto a balcony overlooking the sea, lovely natural decor, a chaise longue and mahogany furniture'

If I had been totally specific about the patio doors being 25 ft wide and made of pine coloured wood, and the bed having four posters not two - that's probably what I would have got. It seems that the way manifesting works is via the messages you send across the airwaves via your thoughts, words AND a basic negative image of what your eyes are registering.

Thought, Word, Deed or Ask, Believe and Receive.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting this practice to work for you. What better time to start than this Christmas time? You don't need to tell anyone you're doing it, in fact it is probably best not to as the negativity from others brings your vibrational power lines down.

If you are already doubting and thoughts are running thorugh your mind as you read this such as ' Ah yes but you can find that shape rock formation all over the globe' or 'She'd probably seen a picture of her hotel's bedrooms and subconsciously stored it away', I wouldn't even begin to try - you are coming from a place of doubt before you begin.

However, whatever your thoughts take note. The movement of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 for the next 17 years is the start of a huge transformation in peoples understanding of the Laws that govern our physical reality. If you want to be one step ahead of the crowd, I wholeheartedly recommend you embrace Cosmic Ordering and Law of Attraction techniques now and for more information and tips on how to successfully manifest, you can visit my blog Cosmic Ordering (This link takes you to my last entry and as all the entries post on top of each other you may have to click home and scroll down).

For now, I'll leave you with a quote from Theodore Roethke:

What we need is more people who specialise in the impossible.

Happy Manifesting

* * * * *

PS The book The Secret is a great gift for every adult at Christmas time, as is a VisionBoard